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Eucryphia 'Ballerina'

Eucryphia lucida 'Ballerina'

ORIGIN: Eucryphia 'Ballerina' was selected from a wild Population of E. lucida in Western Tasmania by Mr. Ken Gillanders in 1986. The name likens the flower to a ballerina's dress (tutu). The cultivar was first received in August 1990. The application for registration was received from Mr. Ken Gillanders, Woodbank Nursery, Kingston, Tasmania.

DESCRIPTION: The general morphology of the cultivar is as for the species, but the flower size, at 3cm, is towards the larger end of those recorded for the species. The flowers are shaded from very pale pink inside to darker pink edges with crimson stamens.

DIAGNOSIS: The colour of the flowers is similar to those of E. lucida 'Pink Cloud', but the stamens are crimson, giving the appearance of a crimson centre.

CULTIVATION: The species is generally hardy and reliable in temperate climates. Plants respond well to extra water during the drier seasons of the year. Pruning after flowering is beneficial. To maintain the cultivar form, propagation must be by vegetative means.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Petals outer margin: close to Red Group 54 C.

Petals inner margin: Red Group 36 B (very pale pink).

Petals outer margin: White to pale pink with base Red Group 53 C.