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Telopea 'Braidwood Brilliant'

ORIGIN: Telopea 'Braidwood Brilliant' was a selection from the crossing of Telopea mongaensis R. Br. and T. speciosissima Cheel. This work was undertaken in 1962 by Dr RW Boden at the Research Section of the Canberra Botanic Gardens. The pollen used to produce this cultivar was collected from T. speciosissima by the Rev. Colin Burgess at Wentworth Falls NSW. This pollen was used to pollinate a plant of T. mongaensis. Since 1968 supervision of propagation and evaluation has been carried out by Mr R H Powell of Parks and Gardens Research in Canberra. T. 'Braidwood Brilliant' is an upright and compact glabrous shrub producing 5 or more stems from the ground level. It is estimated that a mature plant will reach a height of about 2m.

DESCRIPTION: The leaves are coriaceous, narrow and cuneate tapering from a long petiole. The margin is slightly undulating but at the top is distinctly toothed. The leaves measure between 15 and 20cms in length.

FLOWERS: The flower colour, a brilliant cherry-red has been determined using the RHS Colour Chart (1966) to be Red 53B to 53C (ie style 53C). The inflorescence is slightly less conical and less dense than T. speciosissima but vastly superior to T. mongaensis in this regard with a flower diameter of 6-8cm. Bracts are present but these are less colourful than in T. speciosissima. The flowering period lasts for 2-3 weeks in October.

NOTES: It appears that this cultivar is quite well suited to the colder regions when afforded protection. Frost damage has so far not been noted. This cultivar has distinct possiblities for use in areas too cold for the NSW waratah.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC003. CBG8006637 Cultivar received November 1974. Applicant Mr R Powell, CPA.