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Prostanthera 'Alpine Gold'

Prostanthera cuneata 'Alpine Gold'

ORIGIN: A form of Prostanthera cuneata noticed on Mt McDonald in the Macalister River watershed in Victoria by Mr Bill Cane of Maffra, Victoria.

DIAGNOSIS: Differs from other known forms of Prostanthera cuneata Benth. in the variegation of its upper leaves. Colour proportions vary from plus/minus 90% golden yellow to plus/minus 20% where the leaves are merely edged with gold. Variegation is absent from the lower leaves of the branches, but the green of these is vertually masked by the brilliant yellow of the younger leaves.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart, 1966 edition

Terminal leaves: Yellow green group 15

Lower green leaves: Green group, 136A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC005, ACRA401, CBG9301984 Cultivar received by the Authority on 8 October 1974. Applicant Mr W Cane.