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Grevillea 'Golden Sparkle'

ORIGIN: According to "Your Garden: (February 1973) this cultivar was developed from cuttings of variegated branch (sport) found on a plant described as Grevillea audreyae. It was found and propagated by Howard and June Sparks at their nursery at Wandiligong, in north eastern Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: Grevillea 'Golden Sparkle' was described by H and J Sparks (Your Garden February 1973) in these terms. "This Grevillea which we have named 'Golden Sparkle' grows 4ft to 5 ft and has a typical spider flower of orange-red. In spring and autumn the foliage tips turn a striking reddish bronze, which adds to its beauty".

DIAGNOSIS: The specimen presented for registration appears to be a cultivar of Grevillea speciosa (Knight) D. McGillivray. It differs from this species in the leaf variegation which apparently sugggested its cultivar name. The variegation consist of an irregular border or blotches of golden yellow on a background of somewhat pale to normal deep green.

CULTIVATION: The authors also suggested that the cultivar has proved to be frost tolerant and likes a sunny, open, well drained postion.