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Melaleuca 'Golden Gem'

Melaleuca bracteata 'Golden Gem'

DESCRIPTION: Melaleuca 'Golden Gem' varies from other Melaleuca bracteata in that it exhibits on attractive golden colour to the tips of the branchlets. This golden colour is particularily evident during the spring months.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

leaves: (golden tips) yellow-green group 151A.

flowers (styles) near white group 155A.

NOTE: The name 'Golden Gem' has been trade marked. This cultivar has previously appeared in print in "Good Gardening" Number 10, Spring/Summer 1972 page 8 and also in "Bulletin Number 1, Save the Trees Campaign, Qld September 20, 1971 and "West Australian Gardener", Winter 1975 Volume 6 Number 2 page 2.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC014, CBG8006506/8007437. A voucher specimen has also been lodged with the Queensland Herbarium (BRI 120495. Registered by WG Trapnelli on 20 June 1975.