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Callistemon 'Reeve's Pink'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Reeve's Pink' is a chance seedling variant of uncertain parentage however there are affinities with Callistemon citrinus. It originated at the nursery of Mr Reeve Snr. at Cheltenham, Victoria and was discovered there by Mr G Wilson in 1957/58. Cultivar first received by the Authority: 21 November 1967. Applicant: Mr G Wilson.Previously mentioned: "Austraflora" nursery catalogue 1970/71;"Landscaping with Australian Plants" G Wilson 1975; "Your Garden" March 1977.

DESCRIPTION: The cultivar forms a dense shrub to a height of about 3m with an equal or slightly wider spread. The leaves are entire and about 45mm long by about 8mm wide. The new tip growth is pink and densely covered in silky hairs. The flowers are produced in dense "bottlebrush" clusters which are themselves often grouped into bunches. Individual "bottlebrushes: are pink and about 70mm long and about 40mm wide. The stamens are the colourful part of the flower.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from its possible parent in its slightly more spreading habit and pink flower colour. The usual colour of Callistemon citrinus is red or lemon.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart, 1966 edition.

stamens: red-purple 62A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC31, CBG8006353,068909