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Grevillea 'Poorinda Splendour'

ORIGIN: This cultivar is said to be a cross between a New South Wales form of Grevillea juniperina and G. alpina.Cultivar received by the Authority: undated specimen received prior to 1972, first dated speciment received 21st October 1975. Applicant: Mr L Hodge.

DESCRIPTION: Plants form a dense shrub and grow to a height of approximately 2m. Leaves, dark green and shiny on upper surface but densely covered with silky hairs beneath. Each leaf is between 2 - 3cm in length and about 3mm wide and pungent. Leaf edges are rolled under. Flowers red, grading to a sandy yellow towards the limb, borne in terminal culsters on short branchlets. Individual flowers are approximately 1cm long, styles, red are about 2.5cm long. The flowers are said to be sterile.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is of the same cross as G. 'Poorinda Beauty' and G. 'Poorinda Wonder', however it is not known whether the same forms of the respective species were used. It differs from G. 'Poorinda Beauty' in that the leaves are between 2 - 3cm in length instead of about 1.5cm. Flower clusters are less dense and less bright in colour. Style length is also different, in G. 'Poorinda Splendour' it is about 2.5cm long compared with 1.8 - 2cm in G. 'Poorinda Beauty'. This cultivar differs from G. 'Poorinda Wonder' in that of habit and height of shrub. G. 'Poorinda Wonder' is an erect shrub to about 1m. G. 'Poorinda Splendour' cannot be distingiushed from G. 'Poorinda Wonder' on flower colour alone.

COLOUR CODING: perianth tube: red group 45B

perianth limb: greyed-yellow group 162B

style: red group 45B

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC049, 068683/8006499/8006500