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Grevillea 'Poorinda Rachel'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Poorinda Rachel' is said to be a hybrid between Grevillea alpina and G. juniperina. It is a compact shrub growing to a height of about 1m. Cultivar first received by the Authority: 21 October 1975. Applicant: Mr L Hodge.

DESCRIPTION: The leaves are entire and are about 30mm long by about 5mm wide. The upper leaf surface is shiny green whilst the underside is grey and covered with silky hairs. The leaf edges are rolled under. The flowers are formed into clusters and are borne teminally on short branchlets. The perianth is buff coloured and about 13mm long and the pink styles are about 18mm long. The hybrid is sterile.

COLOUR CODING:RHS Colour Chart, 1966 edition.

perianth and limb: near greyed-orange 168C.

style: red 55A

stigma: near orange-red 35A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC074, CBG068678/8006492