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Westringia 'Poorinda Pavane'

ORIGIN: Westringia 'Poorinda Pavane' is said to be a hybrid between W. fruticosa and W. glabra. The plant was selected by Mr L Hodge about the early 1960's. "Poorinda" comes from the name of his property but the reason for "Pavane" is obscure. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in October 1975. Registration applied for by Mr L Hodge of Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a bushy shrub up to 2.5m tall by 1.5-2m wide. The leaves are from 10-25 long by up to 8mm wide and above though the young growth does have a few fine white appressed hairs on the upper surface. The undersurface is coated with short, white appressed hairs. The midribs are prominent. The flowers are pale violet in colour. The calyx is hairy and the corolla has a scattering of fine hairs. The flowering season is from October to November.


Westringia 'Poorinda Pavane': up to 2.5m tall by 1.5-2m wide; leaves elliptical to lanceolate; glabrous above; small appressed white hairs underneath; 10-25mm long by up to 8mm wide; leathery lamina; recurved margins; whorls of 3-4; prominent midrib; flowers pale violet; calyx hairy; flowers mainly October to November.

W. glabra: To 1.5cm tall by 1m wide; leaves elliptical, glabrous, shiny dark green; underside green but paler than upper surface; 10-50mm long by 2-15mm wide; very thin lamina; margins slightly recurved; whorls of 3-4; prominent midrib; flowers bluish-mauve with orange spots; calyx almost glabrous; flowers from October to December.

W. fruticosa: 1-2m tall by 1-2m wide; leaves broad linear, glabrous green above; whith appressed hairs below; 10-25mm long by 2-5mm wide; leathery; margins turned under; whorl of 4 crowded onto branchlets; flowers white to pale mauve; calyx densely hairy; orange spots in throat; flowers over most of the year.

CULTIVATION NOTES: Requires much the same condition as W. fruticosa in cultivation. It is tolerant of frost but should not be allowed to dry out in warmer seasons of the year. Vegetative propagation must be used to preserve the cultivar form. T. Harris in her book "Gardening with Australian Plants - Shrubs" published in 1977 by Nelson mentions Westringia 'Clearview Anne' that is a hybrid cross with the same parents. Unfortunately no material of this hybrid was available for comparison with Westringia 'Poorinda Pavane'.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

corolla: violet-blue group 91C.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC088; ACRA054; CBG8317580/068915/068915.