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Grevillea 'Clearview David'

ORIGIN: Raised by Mr W Cane at his "Clearview" Nursery, Maffra, Victoria. The parentage is asserted to be Grevillea rosmarinifolia A. cunn. sens. lat. X Grevillea 'Crosbie Morrison'. Involvement of the former is almost certain but that of the latter has not been confirmed at this stage.

DESCRIPTION: Apparently an erect shrub to 2.5m high; leaves 1.5-3cm long and .5-2mm broad, narrow linear and sometimes becoming subulate toward the fine pungent points; leaf margins recurved; perianth tube 8-13mm long, about 2mm diameter, moderately silky hairy, limb about 2mm diameter, moderately silky hairy; ovary stipitate, densely silky villous; style 12-15mm long with scattered hairs on the lower half.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Clearview David' differs from G. rosmarinifolia a. cunn. sens. lat. chiefly in its silky hairy perianth, stipitate and densely silky villous ovary, sparsely hairy style and in its profuse flowering habit - its flowers are said to "cover the full length of its branches".

FLOWER COLOUR CODING:RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

perianth tube: red group 52A.

limb: red group 51C grading

style: 52A.

stigma: red group 46A.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC091, CBG8006366/8701110

COMPARITIVE SPECIMEN: Cultivated in dry sand on hillside, Brighton le Sands, New South Wales, P Croucher, 13 July 1973. (CBG 020246).