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Grevillea 'Canberra Gem'

ORIGIN: A Manipulated hybrid from Grevillea juniperina R. Br. XG. rosmarinifolia A. cunn. sens. lat. raised in the early 1960's by Mr P Moore then Chief Nurseryman at Yarralumla Government Nursery; under the then Parks and Gardens section of the Department of the Interior

DESCRIPTION: An erect, moderately dense shrub to 2.5m high, with slender ascending branches; leaves 15-30mm long and .5-1mm broad, plus/minus diameter under the limb dilating to plus/minus 3mm diameter below the middle, with scattered, appressed hairs, limb obtuse plus/minus 2mm diameter, with moderately dense appressed silky hairs; ovary on stipe 1mm long, glabrous; style 12-15mm long glabrous.

DIAGNOSIS: Grevillea 'Canberra Gem' differs from G. rosmarinifolia a. cunn. sens. lat. chiefly in its silky hairy perianth, its narrower less dilated, less strongly curved perianth tube and in its stipate ovary. From G. juniperina R. Br. it differs chiefly in its relatively shorter perianth tube, more dilated below the middle, broader and more strongly curved above, and in its shorter ovary stipe, plus/minus 1mm not plus/minus 4mm.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart, 1966 edition.

limb: yellow green group 146D.

style: red group 52A.

stigma: greyed orange group 165B.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC092,CBG001218/8006376/8007257/8007255/8007256

COMPARATIVE SPECIMEN: G. rosmarinifolia sens. lat., cultivated in dry sand on hillside, Brighton le Sands, New South Wales, P Coucher, 13 July 1973 (CBG 020246).