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Grevillea 'Pink Surprise'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Pink Surprise' is a spontaneous hybrid between a Grevillea sp. from Mundubbera (cream flowered), as described in leaflet Q75/A9 of "A Horticultural Guide to Australian Plants" published by the Queensland Region of the Society for Growing Australian Plants, and G. banksii (red flowered). The original seedling occurred in the garden of Mrs. W.M. Bristow of Sherwood, Queensland,and was given to Mr. R.Baily of Indooroopilly, Queensland, who submitted the cultivar for registration. Cultivar received by the Authority: 8 September 1976.

DESCRIPTION: Leaves are compound and shiny green on the upper surface. Each leaf consists of + 20 long narrow lobes, occasionally these being subdivided into two. Some lobes end in a small hooked point, others in a straight point. The overall length of a leaf is + 30cm and the width + 10cm. Individual lobes are about 10cm long and 2-4mm wide. The leaf edges are rolled under. Flowers are pink with long cream to very pale green styles. Flowers are about 15cm long and approximately 5cm wideand produced in dense terminal racemes. Individual flowers are borne in tight pairs and are woolly. Perianth tube and limb together measure about 1.3cm long, styles are up to 3.5 cm long.

DIAGNOSIS: G. 'Pink Surprise' can be distinguished from its parents by its pink flower colour


Inner perianth tube: between red-purple group 58B&C

Outer perianth tube : near red purple group 63D

Limb : Near orange group 24B

Style : yellow-green group 150D

CULTIVATION: This cultivar can be expected to grow to a height of about 3m.