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Grevillea 'Evelyn's Coronet'

ORIGIN:Grevillea 'Evelyn's Coronet' is asserted to be a hybrid between G. buxifolia and G. lavandulacea. It arose spontaneously in the garden of Mrs Hickey of Lane Cove, Sydney in 1972. Cultivar received by the Authority 16 September 1976.

DESCRIPTION: The plant can be expected to reach a height of about 2m with a spread of approximately 1.75m and exhibits an erect habit. Leaves are shiny green on upper surface and somewhat rough to touch, the underside is a paler green and covered with hairs. Individual leaves are about 2cm long and about 3mm wide. Leaf edges are rolled under. Each leaf ends in a sharp point, sometimes these points are hooked. Flowers are woolly and pink with upright red-purple styles. Flower clusters are dense, rounded and produced terminally. Individual flowers are approximately 8mm long, styles up to 1.5cm long. The plant is described as being vigorous and hardy producing numerous, readily seen terminal inflorescences.

DIAGNOSIS: It can be distinguished from its asumed parents in that its leaves are intermediate in size and the flowers are intermediate in size, colour and formation.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

perianth tube and limb: near red group 54C.

style: greyed-purple group 187C.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC112, CBG068661/8006367/8006368