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Citrus 'Judy's Everbearing'

Citrus australasica 'Judy's Everbearing'

ORIGIN: The cultivar originated at Binna Burra on the outskirts of Bangalow, northern NSW and was selected in 1993. Name derives from the first name of the applicant and the fact that the cultivar bears fruit throughout the year with its main crop being between summer and autumn. Applicant: Judy Viola.

DESCRIPTION: Tall shrub or small tree to a maximum of 3-4 metres high by 2 – 3 metres wide with dense foliage. Axillary spines solitary, straight to 25mm long. Leaves are simple, obovate to elliptic, glabrous. Flowers white (with pink buds) approximately 10-15mm in diameter. Fruit a cylindrical berry, 4-8 cms long, 15-25mm in diameter.

DIAGNOSIS: C. ‘Judy’s Everbearing’ is a tall growing selection which bears fruit all year round.

COLOUR CODE : RHS Colour Chart 1995

Fruit – skin : variable Grey Orange Group 165B
Vescicles : Translucent Yellow Green 150D to 186C and Red Purple Group 57C

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has been test grafted on a number of rootstocks and shows no signs of incompatibilty. It also shows resistance most citrus pests and diseases and is moderately frost hardy.