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Citrus 'Byron Sunrise'

Citrus australasica 'Byron Sunrise'

ACC 1157

ORIGIN: The cultivar originated at Alstonville on the far north coast of NSW and was selected in 2000. Applicant: Judy Viola

DESCRIPTION: Very narrow upright tall shrub or small tree to a maximum of 2 metres high by 600mm wide. Delicate small rounded leaves. Flowers white (with pink buds) approximately 10-15mm in diameter in October. Fruit a cylindrical berry, 40-80 mms long, 15-25mm in diameter, mottled green/brown to black when fully ripe with clean smooth skin. Flesh is tangerine/red.

Note: the flesh/vescicles becomes darker when exposed to air for several hours.

DIAGNOSIS: C . ‘Byron Sunrise’is a medium sized selection with a clean smooth skin and a distinctive tangerine/red coloured flesh.

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Fruit skin: Pale tan mottled to darkish pink and yellow

Greyed Orange Group 166a

Flesh/vescicles: Red Group 50a to 50b

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has been test grafted on a number of rootstocks for 6 years and shows no signs of incompatibilty. It also shows resistance most citrus pests and diseases.