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Callistemon 'Shannon'

ORIGIN: This plant was found in a private garden in Canberra by the applicant Mr Glen Wilson and is named after his eldest grand niece. Mr Wilson has been collecting and growing Callistemon cultivars for more than 40 years. Application received in October 2006.

DESCRIPTION: This is a moderately open, medium to large shrub with a columnar growth habit which grows to approximately 2-3 metres high by 1-2 metres wide. Foliage is bright green and is particularly attractive with a soft appearance. The bottle brush flowers form in small tight clusters from October to November. Individual flowers are crimson and are 100mm long and 50mm in diameter.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar may be a C. viminalis hybrid. The large crimson flowers and unusually soft appearance of the foliage creates a distinct effect in comparison with other Callistemon cultivars.


Leaves: Green Group 138A
Flowers: Red Group 53A fading to 63A

 CULTIVATION: It is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and shows a high degree of frost hardiness, though may suffer frost damage to the younger shoot growth when grown in areas that experience severe frost. Strikes easily from cuttings.


Registered: January 2008