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Correa 'Portland Belle'

Correa reflexa var. speciosa 'Portland Belle'

ACRA 1227

ORIGIN: Selection made from a swarm of correa hybrids by Andrew Pritchard in 2003. Name derives from the place of origin (Portland) and "belle" refers to the distinctive characteristic of the flower splitting. Application by Cherree Densley on behalf of the Correa Study Group. Application received on July 10, 2007.

DESCRIPTION: Small, dense shrub 50cm in diameter. Flowers colour carmine red with green tips and white throat, ca. 3cm long by 4cm wide from April to August in Victoria.

DIAGNOSIS: May be a hybrid between Correa reflexa var. speciosa and C. alba var. alba with distinctive characteristic of the flower splitting.

Flower: Calyx tip: Yellow-Green Group 150b/c; Calyx body: Red Group 53b
Leaves: Upper surface: Yellow Green Group 147a, Lower: Yellow Green Group 147d

CULTIVATION: Has been in cultivation since 2004 and has proven a reliable garden plant in a wide range locations in the southern states of Australia. Responds well to pruning and does best in a sunny position. Drought and frost hardy.

SYNONYM: Correa 'Split Bell'

Accepted for Registration: 21 July 2017