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Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon'

ORIGIN: Applicant the Myall Park Botanic Garden, application received on November 9, 2007. Cultivar was selected in 2006.

DESCRIPTION: A moderately dense medium shrub, 1.2m high x 1m wide, long spikes of deep mauve pink flowers. Foliage: green grey, new growth bronze. Flowers: a spike 90-100mm long, mauve pink. Flowering period: March, July/Aug, Dec (Qld)

DIAGNOSIS: Originally thought to be a Grevillea beadleana hybrid with pink mauve flowers, but later reported by Dr Nita C. Lester to be a hybrid between G. sessilis and G. paradoxa (pers com email 8.1.2013)

COLOUR CODE : RHS Colour Chart 1995

Flowers: 63C/70C Red/Purple Group
Leaves upper surface: 119D Blue /Green Group

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is currently being trialled and is expected to be available commercially in 2009. Cultivation information is therefore limited. Thought to moderately drought and frost hardy.

ACRA 1265