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Eremophila ‘Piccaninny Dawn’

ACRA 1270

Application received: 29 April 2008

Applicant: Ken Warnes

Study Group: Eremophila Study Group

Origin: Garden seedling from Owen in South Australia. Thought to be a hybrid between Eremophila oldfieldii ssp angustifolia and E. oppositifolia

Distinctive Characters: Prolific flowering, upright compact shrub, leaves dark grey green, branches from ground level, rose-pink flowers.

Comparators: Eremophila oldfieldii ssp angustifolia is a large shrub or small tree, up to 5m high by 4m wide with fleshy cylindrical dark green leaves and orange-red or bright red corolla.
E. oppositifolia ssp oppositifolia is a rounded or dense, upright shrub to 4m high by 3m wide with silver-grey or grey green long narrow leaves. Corolla is white to cream, pale yellow or pink to purple and the sepals are white to cream, pale yellow or pink to purple but necessarily matching the corolla.

Size: 3m x 4m

Flower colour: Corolla - Rose pink

Flower size: 25-30mm

Flowering period: Late autumn to mid winter and intermittent throughout the year.

RHS Colour Chart 1995
Corolla: Red Purple Group 70B
Base of Corolla: Green Yellow Group 1C
Leaves: Yellow Green Group 146A

Time in cultivation: 10 years

Frost hardiness: High

Drought hardiness: High

Accepted for Registration: 22 May 2013