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Correa 'Cappuccino'

ACC 1272

ORIGIN: Garden seedling from Wandin near Melbourne from Mr Bob O'Neill. Named by Applicant Maria Hitchcock on behalf of the Correa Study Group.

DESCRIPTION: Medium-sized upright shrub with modrately dense foliage and long internodes. Mature leaves opposite, 33 mm x 18 mm, obcordate, apex obtuse, margin slightly irregular, dark glossy green and glabrous on top, visible oil glands and scattered stellate hairs on the margins. Underside of leaves paler green, with scattered dark stellate hairs. Petiole 5mm, light green, thickly covered with dark stellate hairs. Calyx 4 mm x 5 mm, pale green coloured, square shaped, 4 minute calyx teeth present, covered with numerous tiny stellate hairs. Pedicel 6mm similar to calyx. Corolla 35 mm x 8 mm (just above petal split), pale coffee colour changing to pale pink as the flower ages. Corolla covered with numerous small stellate hairs. Corolla throat very pale green changing to very pale pink, almost white, glabrous. Stamens 8, slightly exerted from the corolla, 38 mm long, white, widened towards the base. Anther yellow, 2 mm long. Style 34 mm long, filament very fine and white. Flowering from January onwards. Prolific in flower and flowers well displayed.

DIAGNOSIS: Parentage unknown but possible parents may be C. glabra ‘Inglewood Gold’ and C. pulchella. This hybrid differs from C. glabra ‘ Inglewood Gold ’ which has a shorter corolla and the flower colour is green-gold. Leaves of C. 'Inglewood Gold' are shorter and narrower. Differs from C. pulchella which has a shorter corolla, a darker pink or orange flower colour and no calyx teeth. Leaves are shorter, narrower and cordate with almost acute tips.

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Corolla: Gradations from 161A - 147C - 138C - 37B

Mature Leaves: 137A

CULTIVATION: Does best in well-drained soil in either full sun or light shade. Vigorous growth in the garden. May be hedged. Highly attractive plant in flower. Would suit a large tub. Prune annually to maintain compact shape. Fertilise annually with a slow-release fertiliser. Bird attractive. Drought and frost hardy. Cuttings strike readily.