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Grevillea 'Lara Dwarf'

Grevillea rosmarinifolia 'Lara Dwarf'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Lara Dwarf' is a naturally occurring form of G. rosmarinifolia selected by Mr D Jones from a basaltic plain about 1.5km East of Lara, Victoria in 1969. Cultivar received by the Authority 30 June 1977. Previous mention: "Austraflora" nursery catalogue as G. glabella 'Lara Dwarf'.

DESCRIPTION: It is a prostrate to procumbent shrub growing to a height of up to 300mm by up to 1m wide.The grey leaves are up to 14mm long by about 2mm wide. The leaf edges are rolled under.The flowers are borne at the ends of short branchlets. Individual florets are creamy white blushed pink and are about 7mm long and the deep pink styles are 18mm long. The main flowering period is from April to October.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from the known forms of G. rosmarinifolia in its prostrate and compact growth habit, grey foliage and masses of flowers which are easily visible.

CULTIVATION NOTES: It is reported that this cultivar is best suited to heavy soil types and is very tough and drought resistant. It strikes easily from cuttings and is an excellent rockery plant but tends to be slow growing.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

perianth tube: near yellow 10D blushed with red 52 between B and C.

perianth limb: near yellow 10D.

style: red 52B.