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Correa 'Mt Barker Beauty'

Correa glabra var. turnbullii 'Mt Barker Beauty'

ACC 1299

ORIGIN: Selected form collected at Mt Barker near Adelaide in SA. Named and registered with ACRA by Maria Hitchcock for the Correa Study Group.

DESCRIPTION: A dense, compact shrub approximately 1.5m high x 1m wide, with glossy dark green foliage. Leaves are ovate to elliptical with obtuse tips, 50 mm x 18 mm in size, glabrous and glossy on top, pale green and glabrous below with defined venation. Leaves when crushed have a fruity smell. Flowers occur singly on 4 mm petioles at the ends of short branchlets. The tubular corolla is 27 mm x 6 mm in size, crimson for most of its length then grading to pale green on the tips, which are barely recurved. Stamens are exserted. Flowers gradually turn rose-pink as they age. The calyx is green, glabrous, square in cross-section with 4 minute teeth at the points where the petals are fused. Peak flowering is from Autumn to Winter with sporadic flowering throughout the year.

DIAGNOSIS: This variety was selected for its compact shape and glossy dark green foliage.

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Corolla 184C, 145B
Mature leaves 136A

CULTIVATION: Correa ‘Mt Barker Beauty’ has been in cultivation for over 10 years and has proven to be a long-lived, very hardy fast-growing variety which withstands frost and drought conditions. It is very adaptable but generally prefers well-drained conditions in full sun to semi-shade. It requires very little maintanance and will form a neat shrub without pruning making it ideal for hedging and it may also be grown in a large tub. It would suit planting near pools. It appears to be resistant to most plant diseases and is highly bird attractive.