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Correa 'Vanilla Ice'

ACC 1300

ORIGIN: Garden seedling from Tim Boehm of western Victoria. Named and application prepared by Maria Hitchcock on behalf of the Australian Native Plants Society, Correa Study Group.

DESCRIPTION: Dense, spreading low-growing shrub approximately 50 cm high x 1 m wide, with strongly veined mid green ovate to cordate leaves with obtuse tips, 32 mm x 20 mm in size, glabrous and somewhat scabrous on top, pale green and velvety underneath with defined venation. The tubular corolla is creamy white with a light covering of light tan coloured stellate hairs at the tips, which are recurved, exposing pale pink on the inside of the petal tips. Stamens are as long as the petals and barely exerted. The green papery calyx is square in cross-section with 4 triangular pointed lobes. Petioles and pedicels are 2-3 mm long. Flowers Summer to Winter with spasmodic flowering all through the year.

DIAGNOSIS: Thought to be a hybrid between C. alba and C. calycina, C. ‘Vanilla Ice’ differs from both these species in both leaf and flower colour and form. C. calycina leaves are longer, elliptical and thinner and the flowers are lime green in colour. The calyx is also larger. C. alba var alba has grayish obovate leaves and white flowers with strongly recurved petals split to the unlobed calyx.

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Upper Leaf: 146B

Corolla 157A - 158A

CULTIVATION: Frost and drought hardy. This cultivar prefers well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. It appears to thrive on neglect and can compete with weeds and grasses. Suits foreground planting or as a filler between other shrubs. Should also do well in tubs and rockeries.