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Grevillea 'Copper Crest'

Originally registered as Grevillea 'Austraflora Copper Crest'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Copper Crest' is said to be a spontaneous hybrid between Grevillea aquifolium and Grevillea acanthifolia which arose at "Austraflora Nurseries" at Montrose, Victoria in 1975. Cultivar received by the Authority 31 August 1977. Applicant: Molyneux Nurseries Pty Ltd. Description previously mentioned in "Your Garden" September 1977.

DESCRIPTION: It is a dense mainly prostrate shrub reaching a width of 3-4m but also tends to produce upward arching branches to a height of about 600mm. These branches give an unusual saucer shape to the plant. The leaves are deeply lobed and up to 90mm long by about 40mm wide. Individual lobes which are pointed, are up to 7mm wide. The upper leaf surface is green with prominent veins while the underside is greyer with very prominent veins. A feature of the plant is that new growth is copper-coloured. The flowers ar soft pink and produced in the leaf axils. They appear throughout the year with the main flowering period in late spring through to summer.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from its stated parents in the copper to bronze leaf colouring.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

young leaves: near greyed-purple 187C.

older leaves: near yellow-green 146A.


NOTE: It is reported that this cultivar is fast growing and will tolerate most soil. It will tolerate wetter soils than most Grevilleas.