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Correa 'Redex'

ACRA 1338

Applicants: Rod & Robyn Parsons

Family: Rutaceae

Origin: Kangaroo Island SA. Thought to be a natural hybrid of Correa reflexa and C. decumbens although there is a suggestion that C. backhouseana var. orbicularis may be another parent. The name derives as an adaptation of the names of the presumed parent species. Also sold by members of the Australian Native Plant Society as C. ‘Dancing Lipsticks’.

Distinctive Characters: C. ‘Redex’ is a narrow, upright shrub which has very distinctly different form and foliage from either presumed parent species. Leaves are ovate, dark green and appear to be glabrous. C. reflexa is generally an open spreading shrub to >2m with pale green and hairy leaves and C. decumbens usually prostrate or procumbent with pale green glabrous leaves.
C. ‘Redex’ has a long flowering season from late winter through to early autumn depending on the district and climatic conditions while C. decumbens is summer flowering and C. reflexa generally flowers during winter and spring.

Habit/Description: A moderately dense, small upright shrub

Size: 1m (h) x 0.8m (w)

Flower Colour: Pink/red and yellow

Flower Size: Up to 30mm long x 6mm in diameter

Flowering time: August-March

Leaves: Glossy, olive green

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995

Flowers: Top of corolla 63A; Base of corolla: 162A
Leaves: 139A

Frost hardiness: High

Drought hardiness: High

Years in cultivation: Introduced June 2001

Has the cultivar been tested? Widely tested as a garden plant in Victoria and New South Wales and in pot cultivation since introduction.

Note: Although an application by the Australian Native Plant Society, Correa Study Group to register this cultivar as C. ‘Dancing Lipsticks’ was received in 1999, it clearly stated that the name C. ‘Redex’ was already in use for this entity. The ACRA Committee has therefore approved registration for C. ‘Redex’ rather than C. ‘Dancing Lipsticks’, given the former name’s earlier publication in the Australian Plants Journal (Payne, W.H., (1997), New Cultivars, Australian Plants 19(153): 202). This decision was based on Principle 3 of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (8th edition, October 2009) which states: “The naming of taxa governed by this Code is based upon priority of publication. Each cultivar of Group with a particular circumscription... may bear only one accepted name” .

Accepted for Registration: 30 November 2010