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Chamelaucium 'Bundara Excelsior'

Chamelaucium uncinatum 'Bundara Excelsior'

ORIGIN: Chamelaucium 'Bundara Excelsior' was the result of a manipulated cross between two forms of C. uncinatum. The female parent was a pink flowered form and the male parent a seedling raised from the pink flowered form. The cross was performed by Mr D Gust of Bundara Nursery, Crows Nest, Queensland and was done with in intention of raising a prolifically flowering plant for the cut flower market. Cultivar first received by the Authority 2 September 1977. The applicant is Mr D Gust of Bundara Nursery, Crows Nest, Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: The habit of this cultivar is similar to normal Chamelaucium uncinatum. The flowers are an attractive pale mauve.

DIAGNOSIS: This shrub is very robust. A large percentage of the flowers are borne on the branch terminals. The original shrub was bred with the cut flower market in mind and the flower bearing capability of the shrub was proven by the amount of flowers cropped from it. In the first year 3.4kg, second year 13.6kg and the third year 18.2kg were cropped from one plant. This crop rate was recorded at Bundara Nursery. It is distinguished from other similarly coloured forms by its heavier crop of flowers.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

petals: red purple group 68 between B and C.