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Calandrinia 'Mystique'

Calandrinia balonensis 'Mystique'

Applicant: The University of Queensland (Dr Dion Harrison)

Family: Portulacaceae

Origin: Centre for Native Floriculture, plant breeding and selection programme. University of Queensland. Gamma mutant of parental line Cb1.17

Habit/Description: A compact small herbaceous shrub

Size: 150mm(H) x 400mm (W)

Flower Colour: Vibrant pink-purple(mauve)

Flower Size: 40mm diameter

Flowering time: Jan to Dec (all year)

Leaves (Foliage colour): Green

Colour Coding RHS 1995:

Flower: Purple-Violet Group 81A to 81C

Distinctive Characters: Finer leaves, shorter internodes and greater basal branching forming a more compact plant habit.

Frost hardiness: Medium

Drought hardiness: High

Years in cultivation: The cultivar was first selected as line Cb 176-6 on the 5th December 2007 and first introduced in August 2009

Has the cultivar been tested: In ground trials Cleveland QLD Nov 2007 - May 09; Pot trials Gatton QLD Dec 07 to Mar 2010, Mooroolbark & Skye VIC, (Nov 08 - Oct 09) Bonsall CA USA (Aug 07- Aug 08)

ACRA References: ACRA 1340

Accepted for Registration: 5 November 2010