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Grevillea 'Tirari Blaze'


Date Received: 24/08/2010

Applicant: D.J. & J. Barrie

Family: Proteaceae

Origin: Grevillea ‘Tirari Blaze’ is a cross between G. trueriana (from Mt Finke in the Great Victoria Desert, SA) and G. 'Long John'. It comes from Coonalpyn in South Australia and was named after the Tirari Desert.
Registration on behalf of the Grevillea Study Group.
Note: The Grevillea Study Group reports that it has also been sold under the name G. trueriana 'Rosy Opal’ by another nursery.

Distinctive Characters: G. 'Tirari Blaze' has much larger, redder flowers and softer foliage than G. trueriana. G. ‘Tirari Blaze' has more compact, redder terminal flowers and more compact habit than G. 'Long John'.


Plant Size: 1.5m (h) x 2.0m (w)

Flower Colour: Red  

Flower Size: 40 - 80mm long x 60mm wide

Flowering time: Summer-Autumn

Leaves: Dark green

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Flower style: Red group ca 45A
Stamen– anther: Yellow group 15B to 15C.

Leaf colour
Juvenile: Green group 137A,
Mature leaf: Green group 133A (Tomentose)

Frost hardiness: High

Drought hardiness: High

Has the cultivar been tested: Has been tested extensively in SA and Victoria since 2001.

Accepted for Registration: 16 February 2011