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Correa 'Carmen'

Correa reflexa var. speciosa 'Carmen'

Date received: 19 May 2011

Applicant: Phil Hempel

Family: Rutaceae

Origin: Portland district, Victoria

Plant Size: 400mm (h) x 300mm (w)

Flowers: Deep red (carmine with yellow tip)

Flower Size: 38mm long x 15mm diameter

Flowering time: April-July

Form: Moderately dense

Colour Coding RHS 1995:

Calyx tip:Yellow-Green Group 150b/c; Calyx body: Red Group 53b
Upper surface: Yellow Green Group 147a, Lower: Yellow Green Group 147d

Distinctive Characters: Correa reflexa var. speciosa 'Carmen' has similar flower to C. 'Red Empress' which come from the Brisbane Ranges but the flower is larger and more tapered. Its leaves are light green heart shaped 26mm x 17mm recurved edges. It is the size and shape of the flower that distinguishes it from all others. Anthers just exserted, calyx is semi spherical.

Frost hardiness: Medium

Drought hardiness: High

ACRA References: ACRA 1378

Approved for registration: 11 November 2011