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Chamelaucium 'Newmarracarra'

Chamelaucium uncinatum 'Newmarracarra'

ORIGIN: Chamelaucium 'Newmarracarra' is a form of Chamelaucium uncinatum Schau. that originated on a sheep station north of Perth around the 1920's. It was brought into cultivation and popularized during the 1930's by the late George Wilson, a part owner of Wilson and John's Nursery at Cannington in Perth. The cultivar has been recognized in cultivation since that time. Cultivar first received by the Authority on 9 September 1977. Applicant: Mr George Lullfitz, PO Box 34 Wanneroo, WA.

DESCRIPTION: The cultivar is a robust shrub, growing vigorously to 2m tall with a spread of 2-3m. The newer stems are tinged pink, and the leaves are long, being between 30-40mm in length. This cultivar is an early flowering variety with large, full petals. The flower is rose pink with dark centres, though flower colour varies from when a flower has freshly opened to when it starts to wither with age. Thbe flower colour is blotched on the older flowers. The flowers measure ca. 22mm in diameter.


COLOUR CODE: RHS colour Chart 1966.

Freshly opened flower:

petal: white group 155D.

stamen collar: white group 155D.

centre: yellow green group 144C.

Mid aged flower:

petal: red purple group 69A.

stamen colour: red purple group 69A.

centre: red purple group 69A.

Aged flower:

petal: near red purple group 70C.

stamen colour: red purple group 70C.

centre: red purple group 71A.