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Eremophila 'Magic Carpet'

Eremophila biserrata 'Magic Carpet'

Application received: 22 May 2013

Applicant: Ken Warnes

Study Group: Eremophila Study Group

Origin: Garden seedling from the garden of Tom Loffler, Waikerie in South Australia. Thought to be a Eremophila biserrata hybrid.

Description: Dense groundcover with upright leaves

Size: 30mm x 3m in diameter

Flower colour: Corolla burgundy brown

Flower size: 25-30mm

Flowering period: Spring to autumn and intermittent throughout the year

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Flowers: Greyed Orange Group 166a
Leaves: Green Group 139a

Distinctive Characters: Flowers - Large burgundy brown, slightly bulbous, longer flowering period. Leaves - upright, dull grey green

Comparators: Eremophila biserrata is a ground hugging prostrate plant with dark green serrated leaves which grow closely together along the stems of the plant. The corolla is yellow-green with purple strip along the top of the tube. Flowering time is from late spring to mid-summer.

Time in cultivation: 10 years

Frost hardiness: High

Drought: High

ACRA References: ACRA 1474

Accepted for Registration: 6 November 2013