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Eremophila 'Summertime Blue'

Application received: 22 May 2013

Applicant: Ken Warnes

Study Group: Eremophila Study Group

Origin: Selected from a hybrid swarm of Eremophila divaricata and E. polyclada at Lake Walla Walla, Victoria, by Tony Clark of Nellies Nursery, Mannum, South Australia.

Description: Large dense intricate shrub.

Size: 2m x 3m

Flower colour: Corolla pale lilac flowers with a white throat

Flower size: 25-30mm

Flowering period: Summer

RHS Colour Chart 1995:

Flowers: Violet Group 83d
Leaves: Green Group 137b

Distinctive Characters: Size: Intermediate between the two suggested parents. Flowers - pale lilac flowers with a white throat.

Comparators: Eremophila divaricata is a medium intricate shrub with small purple blue flowers while Eremophila polyclada is a large open shrub with white flowers.

Time in cultivation: 15 years

Frost hardiness: High

Drought: High

ACRA References: ACRA 1475

Accepted for Registration: 6 November 2013