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Hypocalymma 'Golden Veil'

Hypocalymma cordifolium 'Golden Veil'

ORIGIN: Hypocalymma 'Golden Veil' is a variegated form of the natural species, H. cordifolium . This variegated form was selected by Mr Meyer of Croydon North, Victoria in 1968. Cultivar received by the Authority 15 December 1977. Applicant: Bushy Park Nurseries, Croydon North, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: The cultivar can be expected to grow to a height of about 1m with a spread of about the same. The small variegated heart shaped sessile leaves are about 8mm long and wide. They are produced opposite each other on minutely winged stems. These stems are bright pink while the new growth is young.

DIAGNOSIS:Hypocalymma 'Golden Veil' is different from the normal form the species in its leaf variegation. The leaves have an irregular cream margin. The centre of the leaf is green.

COLOUR CODING: RHS Colour Chart 1966 edition.

leaf variegation: leaf margin: yellow 4D.

inner portion: near green 138B

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC148, CBG7708592/8007252/8006629