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Eremophila 'Beryl's Lipstick'

ACRA 1507

Applicant: Russell Wait, Riddells Creek, Victoria (on behalf of the ANPSA Eremophila Study Group)

Date (when first selected or introduced): 01/01/2000

Description: Open shrub, 1m (h) x 1.2m (w)

Flowers: pink, 25mm x 8mm, from Aug-Oct

Foliage Colour: mid green

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Flowers: Red Purple Group 66a
Leaves: Green Group 137a

Comparators: Eremophila maculata subsp. brevifolia, E. glabra

Reasons for distinctiveness: Thought to be a hybrid between Eremophila maculata subsp. brevifolia and E. glabra. Eremophila ‘Beryl’s Lipstick’ has striking pink flowers as opposed to the reddish pink flowers of Eremophila maculata subsp. brevifolia. Leaves are more greyish in appearance and are larger than the comparator. It has been propagated vegetatively through several generations and has proven hardy in many districts.

Accepted for Registration: 19 November 2014