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Corymbia 'Marion'

Corymbia citriodora 'Marion'

Eucalyptus 'Marion'
Eucalyptus citriodora 'Marion'

ORIGIN: Corymbia 'Marion' was a seedling variation from the normal form of C. citriodora selected by Mr D Ross of Bedford Park, SA in 1966. Cultivar received by the Authority 16 February 1978. Applicant: Mr D McL Ross.

DESCRIPTION: At twelve years of age the original tree is 10m high with a spread of more than 10m. The cultivar branches more frequently, from ground level through to the leaf stems. It therefore forms a very dense canopy which is vastly different from the tall, straight growing, sparsely foliaged normal form. The leaves are up to 210mm long by about 30mm wide. This compares with a length of up to 180mm and a width of up to 25mm for leaves of the normal form. The nodes are on average about 10mm apart which compares with an average of 22mm apart for the normal form.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from normal forms of its parent in its closely branching habit and dense crown. Its leaves are wider and occur at a closer spacing. Its mature height is also expected to be considerably less than that for the normal forms which can reach a height of over 33m. Seed collected and sown has resulted in three year old plants exhibiting the same characteristics as the parent plant.