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Grevillea 'Electric Velvet'

ACRA 1537

Applicant: Neil Marriott, Stawell Victoria (on behalf of ANPSA Grevillea Study Group)

Date (when first selected or introduced): 2004

Origin: Result of a controlled pollination

Description: Open shrub, 1.5 m (h) x 1.2 m (w)

Flowers: Terminal pendulous bottle brush type flowers ca 35–40mm in diameter x 80–100mm long from Jun–Jan

Foliage Colour: Linear terete, much divided grey-green

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Perianth and Style: Red Purple Group 61a
Perianth limb: Greyed Green Group 198b
Leaves (upper surface): Green Group 137c (new growth)

Comparators: Grevillea oligomera, G. magnifica

Reasons for distinctiveness: Grevillea ‘Electric Velvet’ differs from G. oligomera in its more open, spreading habit with grey-green, mostly divided leaves, and in its large bottlebrush blue-grey and pink flowers being held on arching to cascading leafless branches just beyond the foliage. It differs from Grevillea magnifica in its far smaller and spreading habit, and in its flowers being held in an arching to pendulous habit just beyond the foliage.

Accepted for Registration: 7 March 2016