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Grevillea 'Lawson Queen'

ACRA 1544

Applicant: Phillipa Gibian, Dural, NSW

Date (when first selected or introduced): 1988

Origin: Wild selection

Description: Open shrub, 1m (h) x 1m (w)

Flowers: Deep pink

Foliage Colour: Dark Green

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Perianth and Style: Red Purple Group 72a
Leaves (upper surface): Green Group 137a

Comparators: Grevillea sericea, G. oleoides

Reasons for distinctiveness: Thought to be a Grevillea sericea hybrid, possibly with G. oleoides which also occurs in the area. The differences are in the deepness of the pink in the flower colour and the leaf characteristics. The very best-coloured G. sericea comes nowhere near it. The leaves are much wider than G. sericea. The leaf is a much darker green than G. sericea. Grevillea sericea can be quite variable in leaf, and for a while it was thought it could possibly be a new species however it does not set seed suggesting it may be sterile hybrid.

It has been in the applicant’s garden since it was first collected.

Accepted for Registration: 13 November 2015