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Grevillea 'Gaudi's Ghost'

Grevillea × gaudichaudii 'Gaudi's Ghost'

ACRA 1562

Applicant: Peter Ollerenshaw, Bywong, NSW (on behalf of ANPSA Grevillea Study Group)

Date (when first selected or introduced): A selection by plant breeder, Peter Ollerenshaw of Bywong Nursery in New South Wales in 2008.

Origin: Variegated sport from natural hybrid Grevillea ×gaudichaudii

Description: Groundcover to 0.25m (h) × 1–1.5m (w)

Flowers: Spring–Summer, toothbrush form, deep pinkish red, raceme 80mm × 25mm

Foliage Colour: Pale green, variegated pale pink tinge when young turning white with age.

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Perianth and Style: Red Purple Group 58a
Leaves (upper surface): Green Group 138b

Comparators: Grevillea ×gaudichaudii

Reasons for distinctiveness: This selection has variegated leaves with new growth which has a pink tinge and turns white with age whereas Grevillea ×gaudichaudii has green to reddish leaves.

Accepted for Registration: 12 February 2016