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Veronica 'Monty's Blue'

ACRA 1579

Applicant: Neil Marriott, Black Range, Victoria (on behalf of ANPS)

Date (when first selected or introduced): -

Origin: Seedling which came up in the garden of Michael Williams, Montmorency, Victoria.

Description: Woody herb to c. 1m high; stems several or many from a large woody rootstock, mostly erect and some flopping over.

Flowers: In terminal racemes, 40–100, deep violet blue, Spring–Summer

Foliage: Leaves lanceolate, mostly to 60mm long, apex acute, margins serrate.

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Flowers: Violet-Blue Group 89c
Leaves (upper surface): Yellow Green Group 147a

Comparators: Veronica arenaria has linear and entire or with a few teeth or with spreading irregular linear lobes and bright violet-blue flowers. Veronica derwentiana usually has large lanceolate serrate leaves and flowers white or pale lilac or pale blue

Reasons for distinctiveness: A vigorous showy selection with the deep violet blue flower spikes similar to V. arenaria and leaves similar to V. derwentiana.

Accepted for Registration: 9 November 2016