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Lomandra 'PomPom'

Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida 'PomPom'

ACRA 1581

Applicant: Joseph Murray, Vitatech Services Pty Ltd, PO Box 25, Officer, VIC 3809

Date (when first selected or introduced): 02 October 2014

Origin: This plant is a mutation discovered in a private planting of tissue culture produced cultivars of Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida.

Description: A male dwarf mound-forming mutation of the subspecies, 40–60 cm high, 70–100 cm across, with dense semi-erect to arching foliage, inflorescences generally hidden amongst the foliage.

Flowers: Autumn to summer, cream to yellow small flowers, inflorescences quarter to half length of leaves.

Foliage Colour: Mid green, thin, semi-erect to arching, strappy leaves, forming a dense mound.

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Flowers: Yellow-Green Group grading from 149d to 150d
Leaves (upper surface): Green Group 141B

Comparators: Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida Kuranga variety, Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida 'Lime Tuff', Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida 'Little Lime'. Based on general plant appearance, particularly leaf morphology, habit, relatedness and parentage these are the closest varieties of common knowledge known to the applicant.

Reasons for distinctiveness: Lomandra 'PomPom' has semi-erect to arching foliage and flowers readily whereas L. 'Little Lime' has erect foliage and is thought to be sterile. L. 'PomPom' has a low mound-forming habit to 60 cm high, whereas L. 'Lime Tuff' and L. Kuranga variety have a rounded to vase-shaped habit to 120 cm high.

Accepted for Registration: 17 June 2016