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Grevillea 'Robert's Ripper'

ACRA 1587

APPLICANT: Robert Brown, Nicholson, Victoria (on behalf of ANPSA Grevillea Study Group)

ORIGIN: self-sown seedling in nursery pot, in owner’s property at Kardella, south Gippsland, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: Bushy shrub to c 1m x 1.5m. Flowers: Pendulous sub-terminal showy toothbrush racemes, deflexed below the line of the branches in a massed display around the perimeter of the plant. Foliage: Leaves 6-7.5 cm long, 6.5-8 cm wide, obovate in outline, secund, divided 3-4 times, usually with trisect secondary division; primary leaf lobes 3-7, ultimate lobes 2-2.5 cm long, 1mm wide, ascending, linear-acerose, stiff; apices of lobes acute, mucro sharp, pungent; upper surface flat to slightly convex, green, subshiny; lower surface packed with short curly white hairs in the grooves, the midvein glabrous, green.

Flower: Perianth Red-Purple Group ca 70d, Style:Red-Purple Group ca 60c
Leaves: Upper surface: Green Group 137a

COMPARATOR/S: Grevillea calliantha, which differs in its deep burgundy-black and dull orange flowers, and less rigid, less prickly leaves. Grevillea 'Carrington Cross', which differs in its large, spreading habit, and its translucent pinky-mauve and grey flowers.

REASONS FOR DISTINCTIVENESS: Low, compact spreading habit, with showy pink toothbrush flowers prominently displayed at the ends of the branches for many months of the year.

Accepted for Registration: 9 November 2016