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Correa 'Bett's Red'

ORIGIN: Correa 'Bett's Red' is a spontaneous hybrid which have affinities with Correa 'Mannii' and the red flowering form of Correa reflexa. The cultivar has been grown by Mr. W.Ogden of Frankston, Victoria, since about 1968. Cultivar received by the Authority: 5th October 1978. The applicant was Mr. W.H.Ogden.

DESCRIPTION: It is a large open shrub growing to a height of about 1.5m by about 2m wide. The leaves are up to 20mm long by about 10mm wide. The upper surface is rough to the touch while the underside is rusty to light green in colour and covered with matted woolly hairs. The younger stems are also rough. The deep pink flowers are tubular and 35mm long. The colour is slightly paler at the tips. The tips of the floral tube are partially reflexed. The style and stamens protrude about 5mm beyond the rim of the floral tube. It is reported to flower freely from March to October.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from its assumed parents in size of plant, flower colour and roughness of leaves, stems and flowers. Correa 'Bett's Red', growing to a height of about 1.5m, is larger than Correa 'Mannii' which usually grows up to 500mm. Correa'Bett's Red' has darker pink flowers than Correa 'Mannii' and the roughness of the leaves, stems and flowers of Correa 'Bett's Red' is much greater that shown by Correa 'Mannii'. Correa 'Bett's Red' is different from Correa reflexa in flower colour and shape of the floral tube. Correa 'Bett's Red' has deep pink flowers compared with red and/or green for Correa reflexa. The floral tube also does not reflex to the same extent usually seen in Correa reflexa.

COLOUR CODING: R.H.S. Colour Chart 1966 edition.

Corolla or floral tube: between red 53C and D.

Corolla tips: Near red 49A

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC160, ACRA136, CBG8411260/7808777