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Boronia 'Jack Maguire's Red'

Boronia megastigma 'Jack Maguire's Red'

NOTE: Formerly Boronia 'Uncle Jack's Red'

ORIGIN: Boronia 'Jack Maguire's Red' is a seedling variant of Boronia megastigma that was selected in 1928 by the late Mr Jack Maguire of Forest Road, Boronia, Victoria. The cultivar was first received by the Authority in October 1978. After contacting the originator, registration was applied for by D M Maguire, 1 Rubida Court, Boronia, 3155.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a flower colour form of the species. The flowers are a deep orange red on the outside of the perianth. All other features of the shrub are as for B. megastigma.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar can be distinguished by the flower colour (described in the colour code below).

CULTIVATION NOTES: Boronia 'Jack Maguire's Red' has been in cultivation for many years and in that time has been known under a variety of names. It is one of the prime examples of confusion in our cultivar history due to the non-standardisation of cultivar names when a selection is first made. Selected in 1928 by the late Jack Maguire, this plant was one of a number of selections by the Chandler family of Boronia in Victoria who used to grow this species for the cut flower trade. It was referred to by the Chandler family as 'Uncle Jack's Red'. This name was a family reference to isolate this form from others that they were growing, and were not published in the Chandler family nursery catalogues. Some material, however, must have been released under this name as it did become established in the trade. The Chandler family always used the group name B. megastigma 'Bergundy'(sic) to cover the red forms that they were growing. Synonymous with the name 'Bergundy' were 'Chandleri' and 'Chandler's Red'. Boddy's Catalogue of 1966 lists B. megastigma 'Chandleri', 'Pops's Red' and 'Uncle Jack' as "Bergundy shades of the brown boronia". This catalogue entry appears to relate 'Bergundy' to a group name. Another 'bergundy' form isolated by the Chandlers as '' appears to have been listed as 'Pop's Red', presumably as Arch Chandler's children called it by this name. As the form now subject to registration, B. megastigma 'Jack Maguires Red', has been in cultivation for many years, it would be desirable to leave it as Boronia'Uncle Jack's Red'. However, the applicant indicates that the name should be 'Jack Maguire's Red' and Articles 41 and 55 of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants 1980 have to be considered. Article 41 states "Publication of a cultivar name is not valid if against the expressed wish of its originator or his assignee" and Article 55 "On or after 1 January 1959, a name must not be listed in a non statutory register against the expressed wish of the Originator or his assignee". Therefore, Boronia 'Bergundy' (syn. B. megastigma 'Chandleri' and 'Chandler's Red') should be considered a group name covering two burgundy colour forms of the species selected by the Chandler family, B. megastigma 'Uncle Arch's Red' (syn. B. megastigma 'Pop's Red') and B.'Jack Magurie's Red' (syn B. megastigma 'Uncle Jack's Red'. These plants must be grown by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form. Cultivation requirements are as for B. megastigma.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Code 1966

outer surface of petal: greyed purple group 185B

inner surface of petal: close to yellow group 6B

anthers and carpel: greyed purple group 183B.

REFERENCE SPECIMEN: ACC161, ACRA79, CBG7811624/722935/7707472