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Veronica 'Bill Cane'

Veronica perfoliata 'Bill Cane'

ACRA 1611

Applicant: Joe Stephens, Bairnsdale, Victoria

Origin: Selection made from the Mafra district of east Gippsland, Victoria, by Bill Cane.

Characteristics: A vigorous, somewhat upright shrub, 0.6–1 m; leaves: elliptical, pale green with prominent light coloured veins, perfoliate; flowers: white, in racemes which open progressively, 8–10 mm, mostly in late Spring to Summer.

Cultural Notes: Highly ornamental small shrub. Suited to a range of acidic and alkaline sandy to clay loam soils that drain moderately well. Best in a sunny site but will tolerate some shade. Frost hardy to Canberra winters. Responds well to pruning.

Propagation: Strikes easily from cuttings.

Uses: General ornamental planting; container plants (if grown in a large container).

Colour Coding RHS Colour Chart 1995 :

Flowers: white
Leaves: Green Group, grading from 138a to 137a as they mature

Accepted for Registration: 10 November 2017