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Grevillea 'McDonald Park'

Originally registered as Grevillea 'Austraflora McDonald Park'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'McDonald Park' is said to be a hybrid between G. rosmarinifolia andG. alpina that arose at McDonald Park, Ararat, Victoria. The G. rosmarinifolia were planted and the G. alpina occur naturally in McDonald Park. This cultivar was first collected and propagated by Mr. Bill Molyneux of Austraflora Nursery in 1967 and has been in cultivation ever since.Cultivar received by the Authority on the 10th November 1978. Applicant is Molyneux Nurseries, Belfast Road, Montrose, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows to +150mm tall by +600mm across. It forms a dense, low spreading shrub. The stems are round and the new branchlets are short and covered in hairs. The leaves are densely packed on the branchlets and are ± 20mm long by +3mm wide. The leaf margins are recurved to revolute and the leaves are densely covered with silky hairs underneath and sparsely covered above. The flowers are borne in terminal racemes on the branchlets. They are red and yellow in colour and very similiar to the flowers of G. alpina. The perianth segments are almost glabrous with some sparse hairs while the style is densely covered with silky hairs.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar is low growing and very dense. In habit it closely resembles G. alpina, with the density and leaf size of G. rosmarinifolia. The cultivar's leaves are midway between the narrow, linear sharp pointed leaves of G.rosmarinifolia and the flattish, oblong leaves of G.alpina. The margins are recurved to revolute compared to the revolute margins of G. rosmarinifolia and the flat leaves of G.alpina. The foliage and flowers are midway between the glabrous nature of G.rosmarinifolia and the hairiness of the leaves and flowers of G.alpina. The newer growth is hairy but not as much so as G.alpinaand more so than G. rosmarinifolia.

CULTIVATION NOTES: G.'Austraflora McDonald Park' has been grown in Melbourne since 1967 and has proved reliable in that district. Older plants respond favourably to being cut back. This measure can be taken to keep the shrub rejuvenated and to produce more flowering wood.

NOTE: This cultivar has previously been catalogued and sold as G. alpina 'Mcdonell Park' and G. alpina 'Mcdonald Park'. These names are incorrcct as the plant is of hybrid origin.

COLOUR CODE: R.H.S. Colour Chart, 1966.

Perianth tube: red 42A

Perianth limb: yellow-orange 15A

Style: near-red 47A

Stigma: yellow-green 152D

COMPARATIVE SPECIMENS: Grevillea rosmarinifolia NBG 020246; Grevillea alpina NBG 036418.