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Callistemon 'Smoked Salmon'

Callistemon pachyphyllus 'Smoked Salmon'

ORIGIN: Callistemon 'Smoked Salmon' is a selected, naturally occurring, pink flowered form of C. pachyphyllus. It was found growing amongst a large stand of the normal red flowered form in the Runaway Bay area of the Gold Coast. It was brought into cultivation in 1976 by Mrs Joan Barton. Applicant : Mrs J Barton of Buderim. Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: In cultivation the cultivar is slightly more compact than the type and attains a height of 1.5m. All morphological characteristics of the cultivar are as for C. pachyphyllus. The flowers are a salmony pink to shell pink in colour and are plus/minus 8cm long by plus/minus 6cm wide. It is stated that in Brisbane this cultivar has some flowers for most of the year with two main flowering peaks, in summer and from autumn to early winter. The flowers during the summer months are slightly paler in colour.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar differs from the normal red and green flowering forms of C. pachyphyllus in the salmon pink to shell pink colour of its flowers.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The cultivar tolerates both moist and dry situations and is highly adaptable in cultivation.

COLOUR CHART: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

filaments: near red 50C.

style: yellow green 149D.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC180, CBG7911634/8006352