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Grevillea 'Poorinda Ben'

ORIGIN: Grevillea 'Poorinda Ben' is a seedling of G. 'Poorinda Peter', raised by L Hodge of Bairnsdale, Victoria. Cultivar received by the Authority on the 9 September 1976. The applicant: Mr L Hodge, Bairnsdale, Victoria.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows into an upright, large shrub ca. 3m tall by ca. 2m wide. The leaves are ca. 16cm long by 3cm wide; glabrous above with clearly distinguished, light coloured veins. The leaves are generally deeply divided to within 1-2mm of the midrib. Each lobe is tipped with a pungent point. The stems are angular, particularly on the new growth. The inflorescences are 4-5cm long and of the toothbrush type. They are borne on short axillary stems at the ends of the branches. Individual flowers are ca. 2.5cm long. The perianth parts are covered with fine brown hairs giving the flowers an overall brownish appearance. The styles are red with green tips. The flowering season is from spring through summer.

DIAGNOSIS: This culitivar differs from G. 'Poorinda Peter' and G. longifolia in the following ways.

1.Flowers differ in colour with G. 'Poorinda Ben' being more pinkish than the purplish colour of G. 'Poorinda Peter'

2.Leaves are more deeply lobed than G. longifolia but not as deeply lobed as G. 'Poorinda Peter'.

3.New stems are angular as in G. 'Poorinda Peter' but more angular than G. longifolia.

4.Growth habit is more erect.

COMMENTS: Whilst showing some minor differences the cultivar does not appear superior to either G. longifolia or G. 'Poorinda Peter'. This cultivar should be reproduced vegetatively to retain the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

style: red group 50B.

style tip: yellow green group 152D.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC182, ACRA004, CBG8305902/068891,

COMPARATIVE SPECIMENS: Grevillea 'Poorinda Peter' CBG 068676 (ACRA Acc. No. 082); Grevillea longifolia CBG 037845.