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Crowea 'Festival'

ORIGIN: Crowea 'Festival' is said to be a hybrid between C. exalata and C. saligna and was selected from a number of seedlings that arose in the garden of Mr and Mrs Cooper in Turramurra, NSW. Cultivar received by the Authority 9 February 1980. Applicant: Mrs I Cooper, 4 Hicks Avenue, Turramurra, NSW.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a small, dense shrub that grows to approximately 1m high by 1m wide. The flowers are star shaped, deep pink in colour and plus/minus 20mm in diameter. It flowers from November to March in Sydney with occasional flowers being found at other times of the year. The leaves are 30-40mm long by plus/minus 4mm wide and narrow elliptical to elliptical in shape. Leaf margins are entire.

DIAGNOSIS: Crowea 'Festival' can be distinguished from C. saligna as the leaves, even though of a similar shape to C. saligna, are smaller. C. saligna and Crowea 'Festival' have narrow elliptical to elliptical leaves 30-40mm long by plus/minus 4mm wide. C. saligna has very distinct angular branches, to the point of being "winged". C. exalata has just discernable angular branches. C. 'Festival' has branches similar to C. exalata. Colour forms similar to this cultivar can be found in both C. exalata and C. saligna. However, propagation of these species can be difficult at times. Crowea 'Festival' propagates readily in a few weeks, giving a good percentage strike. This cultivar must be grown by vegetative means to preserve the form. It readily accepts heavy pruning and is a good cutflower.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

inside of petals: greyed purple 186A.

outside of petals: greyed purple 186B.

gynoecium: greyed purple 186D.


COMPARATIVE SPECIMENS: C. exalata NBG 002905; C. saligna NBG 008963; NBG 0022782; NBG 009372; NBG 023972