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Scaevola 'Angela Ratcliffe'

ORIGIN: Scaevola 'Angela Ratcliffe' was propagated vegetatively from a single plant growing on a cliff face overlooking the ocean near Catherine Hill Bay on the New South Wales central coast. The plant was subsequently destroyed by erosion caused by fishermen's vehicles. Botanist's have determined it as possibly of hybrid origin but it resembles S. ramosissima in some respects. Cultivar first received by the Authority on 24 March 1980. The applicant is Mr D Ratcliffe, Northridge Nursery, Raymond Terrace, NSW.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar has a prostrate habit, spreading to 1m across. The numerous branches are densely intertwined with individual branches having a zigzag pattern. The leaves are broad and slightly succulent in appearance, 2.5-3cm long by up to 1cm wide at the widest point. The leaf apex is obtuse. Both stems and leaves are covered in short stiff hairs. The flowers are a purplish colour, borne at the ends of short branchlets, very much resembling those of S. ramosissima.

DIAGNOSIS: Scaevola 'Angela Ratcliffe' differs from S. ramosissima in the following ways. The leaves are obvate and not linear to lanceolate as in S. ramosissima and are of a much thicker (almost succulent) texture. The leaf apex is obtuse and not acute. Bracteoles are narrow obvate rather than linear. Peduncles are shorter than the leaves. Peduncles of S. ramosissima are as long as or longer than the leaves.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

outer part of petals: purple group 76A

inner part of petals: purple group 77C.