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Correa 'Mannii'

ORIGIN: Correa 'Mannii' is probably a hybrid between Correa pulchella and C. reflexa. It is believed to have first appeared as a chance seedling in Sir Frederick Mann's garden in Melbourne, after whom it is named (1). The cultivar was first received by the Authority in July 1980. Registration applied for by WR Elliot, 377 Cambridge Road, Montrose 3765.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar is a small to medium shrub which grows from between 0.6m to 1.5m tall (but when scrambling up through other shrubs has been known to attain a height of 2.5m) and from 2 to 3m across. It is a much branched open shrub with long arching branches and with long internode spaces, but is more compact in an open situation. The leaves are dark green and glabrous on the upper surface and paler green and almost glabrous on the lower surface. The leaf shape is cordate with an obtuse apex and they vary considerably in size. The larger leaves are up to 3cm long by 2cm wide. The flowers are tubular and up to 4cm long by 1cm across. The flowers are a vivid red on the exterior and a paler pink inside. The perianth has reflexed tips. The flowering season varies from spring, autumn to winter and autumn to summer. The main flowering season in Canberra is the cooler months, especially from April to July. In Melbourne it occurs from April to August. Flowering often continues intermittently between the main bursts.

DIAGNOSIS: The cultivar differs markedly from the purported parents and can be distinguished by the flower colour alone. Correa 'Mannii' has been confused in the past with Correa 'Dusky Bells', a hybrid believed to be of the same parentage, but there is no logical reason for this confusion at all because the plants are quite different in general morphology, foliage and flower colour. Correa 'Mannii' has glabrous leaves and strongly reflexed perianth tips while Correa 'Bett's Red' has scabrous upper surface of the leaves and partially reflexed perianth lobes. Correa 'Bett's Red' also has dark pink flowers while Correa 'Mannii' is red.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The confusion between Correa 'Mannii' and Correa 'Dusky Bells' can apparently be traced back to a large incorrectly labelled release of the latter onto the market many years ago. The mistake then seems to have been perpetuated by subsequent propagations. Correas were very popular in cultivation in Europe during the mid to late 1800's and early into this century. Many cultivars were selected or bred in Britain, and Correa 'Mannii' has some resemblance to perhaps the best known British Correa cultivar. Correa 'Harrisii' was sought for comparison but this was unavailable. Further review of the name of this cultivar may be warranted if material of Correa 'Harrisii' becomes available. In the meantime, Article 47 of the Cultivar Code (3) has been instituted to avoid confusion. Different colour forms have also been recorded (4). This could be once again the result of confusion with Correa 'Dusky Bells'. As a hybrid cultivar propagation must be by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form. Correa 'Mannii' is a particularly hardy plant and is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and aspects. The plant does well even in heavy soils though the position should be moist. A full sun to partial sun position is required.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

outer petals: near red group 47A.

inner petals: red group 36B.



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(2) Paxton's Magazine Bot 7:79 (1840).

3) International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants 1969.

4) Boddy's Eastern Park Nursery Retail Price List 1966 page 1.